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Open every day from 6am to 10pm, residents, crew, marina guests and the local community can take full advantage of the facilities. The club boasts four tennis courts, a squash court and fully-equipped fitness suite, as well as its own bowling alley and billiards, amongst other amenities.

Our most recent additions to the Sports Club repertoire include new classes (such as hot yoga and kangoo jumps) and sports equipment (new Technogym Run Now treadmills and a Reformer Pilates machine).

Personal training sessions are available 7 days a week, giving clients the option of partaking in bespoke training programmes under the guidance of a certified instructor. We also offer a sports diagnostics service to assist coaches and members in finessing their training regimes.


Ashtanga Yoga

Fast-paced, vigorous and physically challenging, this class will push you to your limits. Guided by a practiced instructor, this class concentrates on the importance of breathing when holding each pose.

Hatha Yoga

Based on the practice of asanas and pranayama, this ancient artform brings peace to the body and mind, preparing you for the deeper spiritual art of meditation.

Hot Yoga

Consisting of a static sequence of twenty-six core postures, performed under hot conditions of 40°C and lasting ninety minutes, this class combines intense cardiovascular and toning workouts. Hot yoga has detoxification benefits and aids improved flexibility.

Stott and Reformer Pilates

Perfect for strength and balance, the reformer makes use of mechanical resistance to target the muscles and create a more intensified workout, improving tone and increasing flexibility, allowing the body move freely and efficiently.

TRX and RIP Individual Sessions

Strengthen your core and boost muscle strength through total-body suspension-training sessions. TRX training works against gravity, activating different muscle groups. RIP training utilizes a lever bar and resistance cord for control, strength and balance. 


High Interval Intensity Training

This high-intensity workout activates your body’s repair cycle, allowing you to burn more fat and calories in the 24 hours after your workout.

Full Body Workout with Kettlebells

Boost endurance, burn calories, build strength and increase flexibility through a full body workout program.

Kangoo Jumps Fitness

Both rewarding and fun, this workout stimulates the lymphatic system, burning 25% more calories than an average session of exercise.

Dynamic Stretching

During these sessions, you will build strength and improve stability, mobility, balance and joint function.

Personal Gym Sessions

For those who benefit from a little motivation, a customised gym plan can help you achieve lasting results under the supervision of one of our experienced instructors.


    Our current offers focus on rehabilitation, with promotions on relaxation and sports massage. Relax and recover post-workout with the following treatments:

    • Relax Massage | 60min 35€  
    • Relax Massage with dry oil | 60min 35€
    • Back Massage | 40min 30€
    • Classic Full Body Massage | 60min 40€


    Lymphatic Drainage | 60min 40€ | Referred to as a ‘detox massage’, lymphatic drainage supports your body’s internal filtration system and helps support your immune system

    Balinese Massage | 60min 50€ | A combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy, stimulating blood flow, oxygen and "qi" (energy), and bringing a sense of wellbeing 

    Anti-Cellulite | 90min 50€ | This hands-on treatment uses stroking, kneading and rhythmic motions to loosen fatty tissues and smooth out the skin’s surface. This technique boosts blood circulation and collagen production

    Facial Massage | 30min 25€ | 60min 40€ | Revitalize your skin and relax your mind with a perfect stress-busting pamper

    Reflexology | 30min 30€ | 45min 40€ | This holistic therapy works by manipulating the pressure points in your feet, helping to balance the nervous system and stimulate endorphins