• 18. September 2020.
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We had a chat with Niek van Woensel, PMYC General Manager, who gave us a few updates from the PMYC hospitality area.

PMYC: How’s the summer season going so far for the PMYC Pool team?
NVW: The summer at the PMYC is going great. The weather has been good almost every day and the number of guests who join us is just right to maintain the personal space that everyone expects these days. This also allows us to focus more on the guests that are visiting us, so the experience is definitely there.

PMYC: What are the new things you introduced this summer?

NVW: The most significant introduction of this summer is, of course, LATITUDE42! We opened our ultralounge and nightclub at the end of July and have received a huge positive response. Due to lower number of people, the experience is much more intimate, and our bespoke cocktails created by Milan have definitely found a sweet spot with many of our guests. On weekends, we have DJ’s playing some great music, making this the place to be for letting your hair down.

PMYC: What can we look forwards to in the September/October period?

NVW: For September and October, we definitely hope to finish strong. Because of the open border, we will be able to keep the pool and LATITUDE42 going for much longer, giving more people the opportunity to experience our village lifestyle for longer than usual.

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