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  • 22. October 2019.
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  • by Andrea Maslovar
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The first Motor Yacht Regatta was held on Wednesday 21st August. The regatta was open to all PMYC members with Motor Yachts and took participants from the marina, out of the Bay, around Mamula Island and to the finish at Lustica Bay. The concept behind the Motor Yacht Regatta is to test the skipper’s knowledge of their boat performance without the use of onboard navigational equipment. Skippers must estimate the speed of the vessel travel based on engine revs, whilst also taking into account wind, tide, and unknown navigational challenges, such as other vessels that may require an unexpected change in course and / or speed. The Estimated Time of Arrival was declared before the start. The vessels who finished the course with a time closest to the estimation were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

The participants of the regatta had a beautiful warm sunny day and many of them factored in a swimming stop along the way. With this in mind, the results were remarkably close with just over 10 minutes being the maximum time difference between the ETA and the actual arrival time. First place went to the Marina Director and Vice President of the club, Tony Browne with only 4 minutes and 2 seconds time difference. Followed very closely by Rear Commodore, Chris Taylor with 5 minutes and 18 seconds time difference. Admiral, Sir James Wates came 3rd with timing of 9 minutes and 40 seconds. All participants enjoyed a 3-course lunch at the spot, at the Chedi Hotel in Lustica Bay.

As the first of this type of regatta, the PMYC organisers weren’t sure what to expect, so they are happy with the results. We hope to entice more participants at the next event.

“We had a lovely day. It was great to do something with other motorboat owners with a bit of competition and companionship”, commented Sir James Wates.

Our Rear Commodore Chris Taylor shared his impressions with us: “It was a competitive field, tight finish and a first-rate lunch. PMYC did it again, a delightful day, we can’t wait to do it again next year. Thank you Jenny and the PMYC crew for arranging a firstrate motor yacht regatta.”

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