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  • 23. October 2019.
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  • by Andrea Maslovar
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The PMYC will be receiving 4 RS Feva boats, hoping to upgrade very active kids sailing school with additional equipment.

The RS Feva is a modern, exciting boat that the young people want to sail. The RS Feva platform successfully develops crew communication skills and spinnaker handling. The ethos of the RS Feva class is one of inclusivity and fun for all while still enabling the very best sailors to prepare for representing their country on the World Stage. The RS Feva helps to retain sailors in the sport for longer which reduces the drop-off in participation numbers experienced by many predominantly one-person sailboat programs, helping to engage sailors from ‘First time through to the Finish line’.

The RS Feva was designed just over 17 years ago. Since then it has sold approximately 550 boats every year. The latest sail number is around 7000.

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