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This season Jovana Vidic joined the team as PMYC Manager. Jovana started her professional career overseas on the American cruise line and continued to learn and extended expertise in Dubai and New York. She has developed a skill set directly relevant to the hospitality management including pre-openings, event organisation and customer service. We caught Jovana in between events for a quick chat about the latest news from the pool, read on!

Welcome to the PMYC family, Jovana! Can you tell us a little bit about the scope of your work here?

Thank you! Indeed it’s a real pleasure to be part of such a great team here at the pool and PM in general! I’m in charge of PMYC Pool this year as well as the hospitality of events happening around the village. In addition to this, we are happy to say that PMYC pool is hosting more and more of commercial events such as weddings, corporate dinners, birthday parties and concerts. My primary focus this year is in improving service standards and offer variety at the PMYC Pool. We worked a lot on educating staff in service and product familiarity, and I firmly believe we have a team to be proud.

What are the news we can expect at the PMYC Pool this summer?

I would use this chance to invite all of you to our new Infinity Brunch held every Saturday at the Pool. We believe it’s a great deal to get yourself refreshed from the working week and drift off on one of a kind setting. For 36EUR you’re getting a meal of your choice from the delicious little menu I created with assistance from amazing chefs I had a chance to work with while living in New York. More than that, we offer 90 minutes of infinite prosecco bubbles!

What can we expect in August when it comes to the offer at the Pool and the Beach?

PMYC Beach is hosting Soul Summer in Porto cycle of parties as an extension of Southern Soul Festival, so do not hesitate to check out DJ Rich Medina on August 10th! We are also super excited to let you know that our Golden Hour is back, meaning that on Thursdays we’re closing the pool at 9 pm. Even if you’re not our guest during the day, you can visit the pool between 7 pm and 9 pm and enjoy the benefits. At the PMYC Pool, when the sun goes down the tempo rises!

Most of our team members lead an active lifestyle, what is your activity of choice this summer?

Just these days we’re launching a new way of water workout, not only in Tivat but in this part of Europe! Exclusively, boutique HIIT and yoga-inspired aqua classes on aquafit mats in the pool itself. You can book your spot via our Instagram @PMYCPool page or at pmyc@portomontenegro.com.

Truly a life less ordinary!

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