• 16. September 2020.
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PMYC: We definitely had a summer less ordinary on a global level. How did it affect regular operations of the PMYC Sports Club?

BK: We had a summer less ordinary, indeed! This genuinely challenging time did affect regular Sports Club operations, but on the other hand, we adapted and adjusted to a new business environment and made necessary changes to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic.

The PMYC Sports Club team was actually busier than ever after reopening, thanks to the introduction of new standards putting all our clients at ease. We had to organise training and implementation of new health and safety measures as well as re-organising our sports programmes. It was a challenge, but I am exceptionally proud of my entire team at PMYC Sports Club who have shown dedication and relentless commitment over these past few months.

PMYC: What would you say were some of the most sought-after programmes this summer?

BK: Physical activity and relaxation techniques are great for preserving the calm of the body and mind and protecting our health during these challenging times.

As such, our Yoga classes continue to be held outdoors in the Dom Vojske park and this is by far one of our most indemand activities. Tennis is traditionally very popular during the summer months, and even more so now, since tennis has been rated as the safest sport during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately, all previously planned awards programmes for kids as well as social events have been postponed for the autumn, but we do see a rising demand for Open Gym, squash and archery, keeping our teams busy in other areas.

PMYC: Aquafit on the PMYC Pool is very popular, do you plan to host it in September as well?

BK: Aquafit classes are a fun way to improve athleticism by burning calories, improving balance and coordination, as well as building muscular strength. These splashy workouts, which proved to be our bespoke activity this summer, are held at the stunning PMYC pool every Wednesday and Friday from 8.45am- 9.30am, and I am delighted to announce that we will continue with this activity in September as well. Our client’s safety is paramount to us, so we had taken all the necessary steps to ensure safety standards; boards are physically distanced and disinfected before and after each class. Our staff have also passed dedicated training to ensure we can continue to provide an exceptional and professional service. Expert sanitising techniques as recommended by world-leading health organisations are applied in cleaning and disinfecting all workout areas.

PMYC: What are your plans for the
upcoming months?

BK: Our plan is to continue adjusting to the new normal and predicting customer demands ensuring that the safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees in the workplace is protected. Following the guidelines issued by the Montenegrin Government as well as the standards set by the Porto Montenegro Safe Haven programme, we will continue to provide unparalleled levels of service in sports, recreation and fitness.

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