• 22. October 2019.
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  • by Andrea Maslovar
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For the first time, Porto Montenegro took its homeowners, special guests and VIPs offshore to an islet off the coast of the Tivat Riviera for a mystery underwater exhibition. Keen explorers took to the island of Our Lady of Mercy to dive and snorkel into the turquoise waters of the bay, uncovering the works of Montenegro artist, Luka Radojevic.

The exhibition took place for just under two weeks, offering two diving sessions per day and engaging over 30 keen divers who met at the PMYC Pool before hopping aboard Fraucshers to arrive at the stunning islet in the vicinity of Porto Montenegro village. Following the success of the experience and positive response from homeowners, the Sports Club continued in this fashion, offering diving opportunities for the public throughout August.

The exhibition sought to match the expectations of the Porto Montenegro lifestyle promise – A life less ordinary.

For more information on the exhibition and for diving opportunities in the Bay of Kotor, contact scbookings@ portomontenegro.com.

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